How A Water Softener Works

How Does A Water Softener Work?

How Does A Water Softener Work?

Learning how a water softener works is a great first step when dealing with a well water iron problem.

A water softener is by far the most efficient way to remove hardness from water.  Softeners have two main components; a brine tank that holds the salt, and a resin tank that holds the resin.

All-In-One water softeners have a resin tank located inside the brine tank.  Water softener resin inside the resin tank consists of very small granules slightly larger than grains of sand.

Here we show an enlarged representation of resin beads inside a water softener.  As well water flows through the resin bed, negatively charged hardness molecules bond to the positively charged resin.  This process removes the hardness from the well water, creating softened water.

Once the softener’s resin is full of hardness, it has to be cleaned using a process called regeneration.  When regeneration begins, a valve shuts off the flow of water to the house, and begins to draw salt brine water in from the brine tank.   This brine water is then circulated in the opposite direction of the normal flow of the water, removing the hardness from the resin.

The brine water is then drained from the resin tank, the resin is thoroughly rinsed, and soft water production begins again.

Learning how a water softener works will help you to solve the most common problems that can occur.

The Iron Problem

When the hardness that a water softener is removing from water contains iron, an entirely new problem will occur. After the iron molecules are removed from the water by the softener, they bond with oxygen molecules to form rust (iron-oxide) inside the softener’s resin.

These flakes of rust clog up the resin gradually making it less effective at removing iron from the water.  The only way to remove this rust is to break the iron-oxygen bond.  Unfortunately, that bond is too strong for regular iron treatments, and rust remover salts to break.

water softener workFortunately, there is one advanced water softener iron treatment with a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than standard iron treatments.  This high bonding strength easily breaks the molecular bond between the iron and the oxygen, and the trapped rust is totally cleaned from the resin.

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