Two Types Of Iron In Your Well Water

dirty waterUnderstanding the two types of iron will help you greatly in determining which problem you have, and what is the lowest cost way to solve it.

Ferrous Iron (aka. clear water iron) – This is the iron that comes out clear directly from the faucet, changes color when it sits in a glass or the tub, and  stains everything.  This iron is actually part of the molecular structure of the water.  Even the finest particle filter would not remove this iron.  This is the type of iron that your water softener and Crystal Clean will remove without any added equipment.

Ferric Iron (aka. rust) – This is the type of iron that comes directly out of the faucet cloudy, or with a tint.  This type of iron is actually ferrous iron molecules that have bonded with an oxygen molecule to form the compound iron-oxide, also known as rust.

In some cases, both types of iron will be present in well water.  In this case, A Crystal Clean system and your water softener will take care of the ferrous iron, and a simple particle filter will remove the iron-oxide (rust) flakes from the water.