What’s Included In The Crystal Clean Iron Eliminator System?


The Crystal Clean Iron Eliminator Kit contains everything needed to setup a new system.

The system runs automatically and is designed to only need to be refilled three times per year.




The Crystal Clean automatic dispenser is designed to pump 24/7 a small amount of Crystal Clean diluted treatment into the salt brine tank of the water softener.  The pump attaches to the brine tank via provided Velcro strip and plugs into any standard outlet.





The Starter Bottle is a one-gallon bottle that comes with 32oz. of Crystal Clean treatment already inside.  The purpose of this bottle is to hold the diluted treatment concentrate that is fed into the brine tank of the water softener.

Determining how many bottles of treatment are diluted to a gallon of water can be determined by using the Crystal Clean dosage calculator.




Four 16oz Bottles Of Crystal Clean concentrate
are included in the kit in addition to the 32oz that come already in the Starter Bottle for a total of six 16oz bottles of treatment included.







Replacement Tubing is included in the kit as a spare tube that can replace the original tube in the pump once it has worn out.




Velcro mounting strips
 are included in the kit to mount the Crystal Clean Auto-Dispenser to the outside of the water softener’s brine tank.




60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee – You have 60 days to use the Crystal Clean Automatic System and witness for yourself the dramatic results that this treatment gets.  If for any reason you are not totally satisfied with your iron-free results, simply call for an RA# and return the unused portion for a full refund of the purchase price.