Problems That Crystal Clean Will Not Fix

Yes, Crystal Clean is an amazing treatment that gets awesome results.  It will not, however, fix every problem.  The following is a list of the most common iron/well water issues that Crystal Clean will not fix:

1.  Well water that consistently comes out of the faucet discolored– Color or tint in your water indicates that there are particles of rust or other material that are actually floating in the water.  A water softener is only designed to remove iron and hardness molecules, not tiny particles of rust.  As a result, no matter how clean we keep the softener’s resin, the softener will not successfully remove these particles from the water.

A similar problem that Crystal Clean will fix is occasional discolored water that comes out usually first thing in the morning.  This happens as a result of the trapped iron in the water softener actually spilling over into the first water of the day after sitting all night.  Crystal Clean fixes this problem by removing any and all trapped iron from the water softener’s resin.

2. Rotten egg odors coming from the raw well water – There are two reasons for a rotten egg odor coming from your raw well water.  The first is sulpher gas, and the second is from iron bacteria that are living and stinking inside the well itself.  In either case, the source of the problem is in the well itself.  A water softener is not designed to remove sulpher gas, or iron bacteria,therefore Crystal Clean will not improve the softener’s ability to solve these issues.

A similar problem that Crystal Clean will fix is the occasional rotten egg odor that is not present in the raw water, but is present in the softened water.  This is caused by iron bacteria that colonize inside your water softener’s resin and feed off of the plentiful supply of trapped iron.  Crystal Clean completely solves this problem by removing 100% of the trapped iron from the resin.  The bacteria die off from lack of food, and the problem never returns as long as the resin is consistently treated with Crystal Clean.

3.  Rotten egg odors only in the hot water – This is caused by the magnesium anode rod located inside your water heater tank so the water softener and Crystal Clean would have no effect on this problem. To fix, simply replace this rod with an aluminum-zinc rod, or leave it out completely to fix the problem.