Eliminate Rotten Egg Odor From Iron Bacteria

rotten egg odor smellRotten Egg Odor in your well water is embarrassing and makes drinking and showering in the water awful.  This is a common problem that has two main causes:

1. Sulpher – This is actually a very rare occurrence, but sulpher is a gas that comes out of the well water and is released as soon as the water hits the air.  If the rotten egg odor in your well water is consistent morning or night, then you probably have a sulpher issue.  This can only be handled by an aerator that adds air bubbles to the water so the gas is dissipated in the garage where the unit is instead of in the house.  A chlorinator can also be used in conjunction with a carbon filter to remove the chlorine before it enters the home.  In either case, a water softener would have zero effect on this condition.

2. Iron Bacteria – There are two places where iron bacteria can fester and grow until a rotten egg odor is created.

a. Odor origin in the well –  This is also a very rare occurrence.  If your water smells of rotten eggs directly from the well that is not sulpher, then it’s iron bacteria.  There is really no way to solve this problem.  The only way to treat it is to chlorinate your well every so often.  Although chlorinating your well can create a whole new set of problems, it’s often the only option for this problem.

b.  Odor origin in the softener – This is the most common source of the problem, and is also the one that Crystal Clean solves.  Many times, although a well has iron bacteria, the amount is low so there is no rotten egg odor coming from the well.  However, when these iron bacteria get into a water softener that is full of trapped iron deposits, the bacteria will colonize and grow in numbers inside the resin feeding on the trapped iron.  When the colony is large enough, they form a protective bio-slime coating to protect the colony from the elements.  This coating builds up overnight and is washed away when the first water of the day is used.  That is why the water stinks worst first thing in the morning.

Using the Crystal Clean treatment on your standard water softener will solve this problem.  Crystal Clean is the only treatment that is 100% effective at removing the trapped iron from the well water, so the bacteria’s food source is removed.  As a result, they die off and the odor never returns as long as the softener’s resin has been kept clean with Crystal Clean.