How To Setup

How To Setup The Automatic Crystal Clean System

install51. Mount The Pump To The Brine Tank

After cleaning the area with alcohol, mount the pump on the outside of your brine tank, softener, or a nearby wall.  Be sure to secure the excess tubing without cutting the slack because you will need to shift the tubing once a year for normal maintenance.

install22. Insert Feed Tube Into The Brine Tank

Feed tubing as far as possible down into the pipe along the inside of your salt brine tank. This allows our liquid to drip directly into the salt water.  Be sure not to cut-off the extra tubing because the excess will be needed later on.

3. Add Treatment To Gallon Bottleinstall1

Use our Crystal Clean Dosage Calculator to determine how much Crystal Clean Concentrate you should add to the gallon bottle. The Iron Eliminator Kit ships with two bottles worth of concentrate already in the one gallon container.

4. Fill With Distilled Waterinstall3

Add distilled or reverse osmosis water to the one gallon jug, filling it the rest of the way to the top. This diluted mixture will last exactly 4 months. Distilled or RO water are only required for the first gallon. Every other refill can be done with your softened water.

5. Insert Tube Into Bottleinstall4

Feed the tube with the cap into the one-gallon bottle and screw on tight. Be sure to position the tubing so it is as close to the bottom of the bottle as possible.

6. Plug In The Pumpinstall6

Plug the pump into any standard wall outlet. Our auto-dispenser runs 24/7, so installing the pump is very easy because it does not need to be hard-wire installed.  This pump will empty your one-gallon container in exactly 4 months.

How To Use Crystal Clean Without The Pump

 We understand that some customers would rather try the treatment to see that it solves their problem before they purchase the automatic pump; or some people have no problem having to add treatment to their brine tank every two to three days. 

Trial Instructions:  Add 1 oz. of Crystal Clean to the vertical pipe inside your brine tank once every three days.   For faster results, add 1 oz. and regenerate manually once a day for the first 3 to 6 days.

Add By Hand On A Regular Basis:  Add 1/2 oz of treatment every 3 days for every 32000 grains of softener capacity.