How Does The Pump Work?

pumpCrystal Clean Automatic Dispenser

This pump is designed for continuous operation.  All pumps use FDA approved Norprene tubing and are suitable for food handling applications, and drinking water systems.

This pump’s function is peristaltic.  Peristalsis occurs with the compression and dilation of the feed tube between the rotationg drive rollers and stationary tube housing.

The heart of this pump is its synchronous, fixed RPM, gear reduction drive motor.  These motors are UL and SCA approved and impedance-protected against overheating.

This pump is extremely quiet and the synchronous drive design insures consistent accuracy without the use of electronics, timers, or any other control devices that increase pump complexity.

Each pump is supplied with eight feet of tubing which should be periodically advanced through the roller housing about every 12 months.  These pumps are covered by a 5 year amortized warranty, which includes a free replacement if defective in the first year.