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    Don't Buy An Iron Filter - Use Your Softener To Stop Iron
    High Tech Treatment Gives Your Water Softener The Power To Stop All Iron Stains

Avoid Buying An Expensive Iron Filter That You Simply Do Not Need!

stop iron bacteria 10 times betterA water softener has the ability to remove iron from your well water just as effectively as an iron filter.

The problem is that iron turns to rust inside the softener that retail treatments and rust removing salt are too weak to remove.   This rust gradually builds up until it clogs-up the softener’s resin where it can no longer do it’s job, and iron stains appear in your home. 

Crystal Clean is the only treatment strong enough to remove 100% of this rust build-up.  It’s advanced organic, non-acid technology has a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than retail treatments and rust salt.  

This easily breaks-up the trapped rust that other treatments leave behind, completely eliminating the rust build-up problem in your softener.  A softener that never suffers from rust build-up will prevent iron stains just as effectively as an iron filter.  

Many local water professionals swear by Crystal Clean and have been installing systems for over 40 years!

Not sure if it will work for you?  Just order two-bottles to start.  The amount of treatment in just these two bottles is enough to remove a decade’s worth of iron build-up from your softener.  

See for yourself what the Pro’s have known for over 40 years.

Crystal Clean will solve your iron problem without the expensive iron filter.

Get yours today!


Crystal Clean removes trapped rust that all other treatments leave behind.

Protect your resin from being slowly destroyed by rust build-up.

Remove iron bacteria in your softener’s resin that cause rotten egg odors.


Remove years’ worth of rust buildup in your softener to bring it back to life..

Crystal Clean has been solving the toughest well water iron problems since 1980..


Try our automatic system risk free for 60 days.  If your not amazed, send it back for a full refund!


Save money by eliminating expensive treatments that are too weak to solve the problem.


Crystal Clean uses no corrosive acids like standard iron treatments and rust salt.


Organic treatment only enters the softener’s resin during regeneration.




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