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    Give Your Softener The Power To Stop Iron Stains
    Using The Only Treatment That Prevents Rust Build-Up In The Resin

Turn Any Water Softener Into An Effective Iron Filter, Guaranteed!

iron rust eliminator kit

Normally, a water softener should not be used to remove iron from well water.  This is because the iron cannot be removed from the resin and builds-up until it chokes the softener, and iron stains appear.

The problem occurs because iron and oxygen molecules bond inside the resin and turn into rust.  The only way to remove the rust is to break the iron/oxygen bond.

Unfortunately, that is one of the strongest bonds of any two elements.  Rust removing salt and standard iron treatments are simply too weak to break this bond, making them ineffective at removing the rust.

Crystal Clean is an advanced, organic iron treatment with a molecular bonding strength that’s 10x higher than the regular treatments and rust removing salt.

This higher bonding strength easily breaks the iron-oxygen bond of the rust, cleaning the rust buildup that nothing else can touch.  Crystal Clean will quickly remove years’ worth of trapped rust buildup in just a few weeks, reviving a water softener that would otherwise need to be replaced.

Iron will never again buildup in your resin if the Crystal Clean treatment is used on a regular basis.

Crystal Clean not only eliminates the cost and maintenance of an iron filter, it also eliminates the need to replace your water softener.  When resin is “iron-fouled”, the only way to fix it without Crystal Clean is to replace the resin, or more commonly, replace the entire water softener.

An iron filter/water softener combo can cost from $2,000 to $4,000+ professionally installed.  Our Crystal Clean system revives your existing water softener to do the same job for only $289 plus an ongoing treatment cost averaging $5/month.

We stand behind our Crystal Clean Automatic System with a full 60 day money back guarantee because it works almost every time.

Our customers love the system because it solved their iron problem and also helped them avoid a huge, unnecessary expense!

Order your Crystal Clean system and discover for yourself why over 300 local water softener companies have been installing this same exact system for 25 years.

When it comes to iron, nothing works like Crystal Clean.  We guarantee it, or your money back.  Order today!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If our automatic system does not solve your well water iron problem, return it for a full refund...
The Pro’s Have Been Using It For Over 25 Years!

The Pro’s Have Been Using It For Over 25 Years!

Our dealers love Crystal Clean because it solves tough iron problems with very little effort!  We en...
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Questions?  Get Free Advice From A Pro!

Questions? Get Free Advice From A Pro!

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