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    Don't Buy An Iron Filter - Use Your Softener To Stop Iron
    Advanced Treatment Gives Your Water Softener The Power To Stop All Iron Stains

Breakthrough Technology 10x More Effective Than Standard Iron Treatments!


Your water softener alone has the ability to remove iron from your well water exactly like an iron filter.  However, most experts will recommend that an iron filter be installed to remove the iron before it enters the water softener.  Why is that?

This happens because iron turns to rust inside the softener’s resin and becomes trapped.  Salt, rust salt, and iron cleaners are simply not strong enough to remove this rust, so it builds up until it eventually chokes the softener’s ability to prevent iron stains.   This is why your softener used to prevent all of the iron stains, but now stains appear like there is no softener at all.

Crystal Clean is the one treatment strong enough to remove 100% of the rust from a water softener’s resin.  By preventing rust build-up, Crystal Clean gives any standard water softener the power to remove iron exactly like an iron filter.

Crystal Clean is an advanced, organic, non-acid iron treatment technology with a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than standard iron treatments and rust salt.  This treatment will easily break apart years’ worth of trapped rust buildup in your resin that the other iron treatments leave behind.

A water softener that is free of rust buildup will effectively prevent any and all iron stains exactly like an iron filter, guaranteed.

The reality is, there is truly no better iron filter than a water softener; but only if you keep the resin clean with Crystal Clean.

It’s no mistake that Water Professionals have relied on Crystal Clean to solve their customers iron problems for over 30 years.  Get your system on the way and forget about that expensive iron filter; you simply don’t need it!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try our automatic system risk free and see for yourself how quickly we will solve your iron problem.



30 Years Solving Iron Problems!
We have spent three decades solving iron problems with just a water softener and Crystal Clean.



These Don’t Solve The Problem
Standard treatments and rust salt are not strong enough to remove trapped rust buildup in your resin.



Save Over $1000 vs. An Iron Filter
$289 Crystal Clean System gives your softener the power to stop iron exactly like a $1500 iron filter!