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    Don't Buy An Iron Filter - Use Your Softener To Stop Iron
    Advanced Treatment Gives Your Water Softener The Power To Stop All Iron Stains

Breakthrough Technology 10x More Effective Than Standard Iron Cleaners And Rust Removing Salt!


A water softener will remove iron just like an iron filter when it’s first installed.  However, after a while, the iron stains always come back.  Why?

The iron bonds with oxygen and turns to rust inside the resin and gets trapped.  The only way to remove this rust is to break this very strong iron/oxygen bond.

The problem is that salt, rust remover salt, and standard iron cleaners are simply not strong enough to break apart the rust, so it builds up in the resin.  This gradually chokes the softener until iron stains appear from the soft water on shower tiles, bathtubs, toilets, laundry, and on appliances like your washing machine and dishwasher.

Unlike regular iron cleaners and rust removing salt, Crystal Clean is an advanced crystal-clean-system-installed-smallerorganic iron treatment with a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than regular iron cleaners.  This allows Crystal Clean to break apart all rust that’s trapped in the resin that all other treatments leave behind.

A water softener with zero iron buildup will prevent all iron staining exactly like an iron filter, without the added expense or maintenance.

Do not buy an iron filter.  Just attach this simple system to your water softener to solve your iron problem, guaranteed!

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try our automatic system risk free and see for yourself how quickly we will solve your iron problem.


30 Years Solving Iron Problems!
We have spent three decades solving iron problems with just a water softener and Crystal Clean.


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Stop Buying Rust Remover Salt!
Switch to the cheap salt and stop adding powder to your salt because Crystal Clean completely solves the problem.



Stop Rotten Egg Odors
Eliminate rust buildup that causes iron bacteria to grow and stink inside your softener’s resin.