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    Don't Buy An Iron Filter - Use Your Softener To Stop Iron
    Advanced Treatment Gives Your Water Softener The Power To Stop All Iron Stains

Advanced Technology 10x More Effective Than Retail Iron Treatments

All water softeners that remove iron from well water will eventually fail.  Why?  Because the iron turns to rust inside the softener’s resin and cannot be removed by the salt.  Even rust-salt and retail iron cleaners are not strong enough to remove the rust, so it builds-up until the resin is so full that it can no longer prevent iron stains.

Unlike rust salt and retail iron cleaners, Crystal Clean utilizes an advanced, organic, non-acid iron treatment technology with a molecular bonding strength 10x higher than retail iron treatments.  This high molecular bonding strength easily breaks the molecular bond that keeps the rust trapped.

A softener that is kept free of rust build-up with Crystal Clean will effectively remove iron from well water exactly like an iron filter, at about a quarter of the price.

Many local water professionals swear by Crystal Clean and have been installing systems for over 30 years.  Others do not like Crystal Clean because it does the same job as their $1500 iron filters for only $299!

Check out our reviews page to see what both local pro’s and homeowners have been saying for over 30 years about Crystal Clean.

If you just want a low-cost way to make sure it will work on your problem before ordering the automatic system, just order a bottle or two.  That’s all it will take to see the dramatic improvement in your water quality that no other treatment can achieve.

Will Not Harm Your Softener
Crystal Clean protects your softener resin beads from the damage that rust build-up causes.


Soft Water Safe To Drink
Organic, non-acid treatment is never in the soft water.  Enters only during regeneration.


10x More Effective Than These Products
Iron cleaners and rust salt are not strong enough to remove the trapped rust build-up in your resin.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Try our automatic system.  If you’re not amazed with your results, send it back for a full refund.


Over 30 Years Solving Iron Problems
We have decades of success from both homeowners and water professionals that love this system.










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