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    Stop All Iron Stains With Just Your Softener
    Using The Only Treatment That Works On High Iron Well Water

Solving Your Iron Problem Doesn't Have To Cost A Fortune!


A water softener is very effective at removing iron from well water when they are brand new. The problem is that regular salt, rust removing salt, and acid treatments are simply not strong enough to clean the iron out of the softener during the it’s regeneration cycle.

As a result, this trapped iron gradually builds up until the softener’s resin is full and can no longer remove iron from the well water causing stains to appear.

Unlike standard acid treatments, Crystal Clean is a custom formulated organic iron treatment with a much higher molecular bonding strength that easily breaks the bond that is keeping the iron trapped.

Using Crystal Clean, your water softener is guaranteed to effectively prevent all iron stains because iron will never be allowed to build-up and choke your resin again.  Yes, an iron filter works, but why spend thousands when a simple $289 system added to your existing water softener will do the exact same job?

For 25 years, the Crystal Clean System was only available through your local Water Softener Dealer.  It has only recently been made available factory direct to the homeowner through this website because we don’t have a local dealer in every town, and some of our customers are in very rural areas.

We proudly offer a full 60 day money back guarantee to give you confidence in trying the system without the fear of wasting money because it doesn’t work on your specific problem.  If you are contemplating buying an iron filter, do yourself a favor and try this system first.  If it doesn’t work, you can still return it, and buy the iron filter.

But what if it does work?  Then you just got the same results as a $2000 iron filter from your water softener for only $289!  Only 2 out of every 100 systems we sell get returned!  Get yours; it really does work!